Tanmoy Bishoi

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Hello, Now You can create your own website!!!

I am a web designer & front end developer





Web Hosting

Get the cheapest & best hosting in India. High performance web hosting server with near 100% uptime guaranteed. I offer domain names, web hosting, email hosting


Web Design

I also design websites and other stuff as well, but mostly websites. So if you need something to look nice, or you're looking for more customization from a theme or anything.


Web development

I develop websites: I write HTML, CSS and Javascript to make your website come alive. I also work with various CMS' to give you full control over your site. From individual business sites, to blogs or web apps, I'm happy to take on any project so just get in touch!

About Us

I'm Tanmoy India based Web Designer and Software Developer. I am able to work effectively in a team or on my Own. I have demonstrated an ability to lead small Teams and mentor other workers. I pride myself on being able to use my knowledge and initiative to deliver high quality results to tight deadlines. I enjoy a challenge and look for the opportunity to expand and develop my skill set.